Who are we – The Team


The team of people is spread around TU Delft Faculties and Research departments, all with their own specific expertise and angle on the opportunities that this technology will provide.

Suellen Pereira Espindola 

Suellen Pereira Espindola is a PhD researcher at the Advanced Soft Matter group in the Chemical Engineering department of TU Delft. She completed her BSc in Environmental Engineering in Brazil and obtained her MSc degree in Water Technology at WETSUS (Netherlands). Her master thesis work was a shift towards materials science, where she explored the extraction of nanocellulose crystals from wastewater. She has also worked as a junior consultant on wastewater treatment and as coordinator for an environmental education program. Her interests lie in waste resource recovery, sustainable materials and environmental technology.

Yuemei Lin


Dr. Yuemei Lin is an Assistant Professor of Environmental Biotechnology, Department of Biotechnology at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Her current research  focuses on the extraction and characterization of extracellular polymers (EPS) in microbial aggregates (flocculant sluge, granular sludge and biofilm) , understanding the role of EPS in microbial aggregates formation, recovering  EPS from waste sludge and converting  it into useful material.

Jure Zlopasa

Jure Zlopasa is a post-doctorate researcher at the Biotechnology department of Technical University Delft.

His research interest are in production and characterisation of biopolymers extracted from wastewater treatment process. Also, he is very interested in mechanical and functional properties of highly ordered biopolymer nanocomposites.

Former team members.

Hugo Kleikamp

“Hello my name is Hugo Kleikamp, and as a master student I performed my company internship at Slimy Green Stuff.

Being part of SGS was a welcome experience, as it broadened my view from academia towards spin-off companies and the transfer of knowledge.

The volarisation of TU-produced knowledge within different industrial sectors was one of the driving forces behind SGS, while circularity and the application of renewable and waste derived resources formed another pillar.

During my short stay, the open structure of SGS made me feel at home and involved within the company.

My project revolved around the investigation of potential applications of waste derived products, which involved both market research and labwork.

The relative freedom of the project allowed me explore market niches in which the product could make an impact, while on a larger scale trying to provide a solution to both environmental and societal issues.

I can recommend this experience to any other master students which have a passion for sustainability and are interested in experiencing the interconnectivity between academia and industry.”

Simon Felz

“PhD student under the supervision of Yuemei Lin and Mark van Loosdrecht. Focus on the chemical and physical characterization of alginate-like extracellular polymers extracted from aerobic granular sludge.”

My LinkedIn is https://nl.linkedin.com/in/simon-felz-0a38b315a

From the TU there is a website of the group of Yuemei https://www.tudelft.nl/en/faculty-of-applied-sciences/about-faculty/departments/biotechnology/research-groups/environmental-biotechnology/yuemei-lin-group/people/

Or for each PhD student https://www.tudelft.nl/en/staff/s.felz/

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