While experimenting with Delft Green curing compound also sometimes you are in for surprises, as was found by our partners NGCM. If you are interested to take this further contact NGCMplease contact NGCM directly (click logo).

Visual appearance of concrete

Apart from providing the desired improved curing of concrete, application of Delft Green curing compound gives rise to considerable improved visual appearance of the concrete. In the example shown below the uniformity of the surface is much better on the sample treated with Delft Green, providing relatively low cost concrete with a desirable surface appearance.

Whiteboard cleaner

Some of the prepared Delft Green formulations are found to be suitable as a whiteboard cleaning agent. Note that Delft Green is free of any solvents or toxic chemicals. It is based only on naturally sourced materials that are all edible (E-numbers only). Presumably for this application the biopolymer acts as an anionic polymer surfactant and the nanoclay as a nano-abrasive. The NGCM White Board Cleaner is effective for removal both non-permanent and permanent marker pen ink.



(photo 1 Henkjan Gilbers (NGCM), photos 2-5 Stephen Picken)

Unexpected Delft Green applications